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Bright white smile
Couple with bright white smile

Teeth Whitening

Why do I need a professional teeth whitening?


Whether you you are getting married, have darker colored teeth or just simply want a whiter, brighter smile, a professional teeth whitening is recommended for you.  Over the counter products (OTC) are often not used correctly and may lead to tooth damage from excessive use.  Though these products may produce some minimal results, the bottom line is they are not as safe or effective as a professional treatment.  Results from OTC products typically range from a 1 to 2 shade improvement.   In office treatments can lighten your smile up to 8 shades making your teeth 6 shades lighter than the store bought products.


How does it work?


First off all, we need to understand what causes our teeth to become darker.  Surface stains, whether they are environmental, genetic or pharmacological in orgin, are the main culprits.  Beverages, foods and smoking are the most likely to be the cause of surface stains but there may other factors involved such as aging, medication, ect...  They can stain the enamel surface or work their way down beneath the enamel and stain the dentin which darkens the teeth as well.  


To battle these stains, a whitening solution is applied to the teeth.  The hydrogen peroxide inside of the solution penetrates through the enamel and starts the oxidation process.  The molecules are transformed to reflect little or no light resulting in a colorless appearance and thus whiter brighter teeth.


What do we offer?


Here at Encino ProDental we offer 2 in office treatments.  Both treatments are highly effective compared to those store bought products.  Our main treatment is highly effective but may cause some transient sensitivity which can last 1-2 days before returning to normal.  Our second treatment is highly recommended for those patients who are concerned about sensitivity as it effectively whitens teeth with little to no sensitivity using a patented lightactivated technology to rapidly whiten teeth.


We also offer our home bleaching system.  The home bleaching process involves us making you bleaching trays which are custom fit to your mouth.   Custom trays helps prevent the bleaching gel from leaking thus minimizing irritation of your gums.  After you have your custom trays, simply return to the office on your next visit and purchase your bleaching gel refill to use with your custom made trays.   

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